Kayla Yeo
Kayla Yeo

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My favorite natural products by Young Living that I ALWAYS bring to my health club!


Thieves spray

I bring this with me to spray my yoga mat and all the equipment that I use. Thieves Spray contains the most popular Young Living oil, Thieves which supports your immune system, cleans surfaces better than antibacterial wipes and purifies the air.

This little spray I use everywhere and will even clean my hands with it! It’s safe for everyone to use!

How to get: I am a wholesale member with Young Living so I get this spray for 24% off. You can become a retail customer or get the wholesale cost below…

Learn more HERE!

ningxia red

This is the ultimate pre, post and all the time workout drink! Drink this packet before and/or after your workout to rejuvenate and replenish your body with nutrients and a TON of antioxidants!

How to get: purchase this retail OR become a wholesale member and save on a bundle and get rewards!

Read more about the NingXia Wolfberry HERE or purchase your own below!



NingXia nitro

Another AMAZING pre workout, this energy powerhouse gives me sustainable energy for the whole day and ups my physical performance so I have more stamina and strength during my workouts. I love these little tubes of energy!

How to get: become a wholesale member to save 24% and get a bundle of NingXia Red & Nitro!

Read more about Nitro HERE!