Kayla Yeo
Kayla Yeo

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Hi!  I'm Kayla.  I am interested in investing in my health and creating financial freedom for my future.  Unlike most of my peers who are strapped down by debt - most of whom have a hard time finding a job within their degree, my goal is to create a lifestyle where I am not tied down by a 9-5, not enslaved to student loans and live to achieve a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, fitness and essential oils. :)  

Freedom and independence are the two words my generation seeks after and I want to help them feel like they can achieve their goals and build their dreams! My goal is to show you what it looks like to "live like no one else, so that later you can live like no one else" (thanks, Dave Ramsey!).

What are you goals and dreams for your life?  Do you want to travel?  Do you want to own your own business?  Do you want to make enough money so that you can stay home with your family?  Or would you just like to have choices in your life?

Whatever it is that defines your "why", you can use that to motivate you to grow and share the lifestyle that I want to offer you.  Because it truly is a lifestyle!  Let me share with you what this is, why you want it and how you can achieve it and you'll become just as passionate as I am!

Dream it, live it, grow it!


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